Boy, 7, dies after falling between two subway cars in North Philadelphia

A 7-year-old boy is dead after falling between two subway cars, police say.

Police were called to North Broad Street and West Allegheny Avenue just before 6 p.m. Sunday, at the Broad Street subway line.

What appears to be a distraught family member, being helped into an ambulance, following the death of a little boy on a SEPTA subway train, running alone the Broad Street line.

"Approximately 5:30, 6 p.m., we received a radio call in reference to an accident call on the train involving a young male, approximately seven to nine-years old. Unfortunately, we have a tragedy on our hands, the male is deceased," said Lt. Nicole Lawson, with the SEPTA Transit Police.

It appears the little boy was selling candy on a subway car between the North Philadelphia and Allegheny stations and was trying to walk from one car to another, when he fell between them.

"He was walking from train to train, from caboose to caboose and, as he got off my train, I asked, 'How much is it?' He said 'Two dollars.' I said I don't have two dollars and he continued walking. It was about two or three of them and I guess he slipped off as he crossed another train," explained Bruce Williams.

Passengers coming up from the subway who saw what happened wanted to know why he was there and where were his parents.

"They should be paying more attention. That little boy had to be, like, six-years-old and they got him walking back and forth from train, like, how you can open the doors, that's not safe for nobody," said one passenger.

Sources say the boy was with at least one other boy and an adult, but not his parents.

"They were selling candy. Little kids selling candy on the train, little kid fell through the platform and stuff, man. Trying to sell candy and stuff. It's not safe at all to be doing that out here," said another passenger.

Trains in both directions were immediately stopped, with buses shuttling passengers between the Erie and Girard stations for several hours, as police were called and the medical examiner investigated.

"This is a really sad thing that just happened," said Williams.