Child's body parts found near Garfield Park Lagoon

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A disturbing mystery surrounds the discovery of a child's body parts found in a lagoon on the city's west side.

In addition to a child's hands and feet, Chicago Police said Sunday night that a child's head was found in the Garfield Park lagoon. The case has been classified as a death investigation.

Residents and the local alderman say there are no missing child reports in the area, so, who is this child and what happened?

"Kids are supposed to come into a park and play, not be found dead," said local resident Novia Hoyt Sunday morning.

Police say someone called 911 Saturday after 4 p.m. after seeing something suspicious in the lagoon. Police arrived to find a child's left foot and eventually other body parts belonging to a toddler.

"This is unthinkable, that someone would dismember a child and then throw them in here at the lagoon," said 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin. "It just hurts."

Police returned to the park Sunday morning to look for evidence. Divers searched the shallow water as officers looked around the lagoon and canine units hunted for clues.

Twenty four hours after the discovery there are many unanswered questions.

"We just hope that someone can identify this young person, find out who is missing from their family and say something," says Ervin.

"If you don't want a baby just leave the baby at a church or knock on the door and tell them you don't want the baby," said Stacy Allison, a local resident who was shocked to hear the news.

Residents says there is normally lots of activity in the park on Labor Day weekend, this police activity however is disturbing.

Some say no matter what the circumstances, it's a reality check.

"My little brother is 8-years-old so when we are walking through the park it makes me be more aware to not to let him go off by himself," said Christopher Riley who grew up in the area.

The west side of the park near the lagoon is closed.

No word on how long police will be in the area and how long the park may have to be closed.