Delaware County residents continue to rebuild after EF2 tornado

Delaware County residents continue to rebuild after an EF2 tornado tore through the area late Halloween night. FOX 29's Bruce Gordon spoke with residents. 

Lizvette Hill spends much of her daylight hours these days raking tree limbs into piles and hauling them to the burn pit she’s set up in the backyard of her Glen Mills home 19 days after an EF2 tornado raced through her neighborhood.

“It’s been exhausting. I’m trying to get my life back," Hill told FOX 29.

Around 11:30 p.m. Halloween night, Hill heard 120-mile an hour winds, barreling through the area. 

“It was the scariest sound I ever heard. One I’ll never forget," she explained.


Officials confirm EF2 tornado touched in Delaware County

The Cobblestones subdivision right next door took the brunt of the tornado. Nearly three weeks later, dozens of damaged trees are still being removed. The tornado tore the roofs off a dozen or so home. Several of which were nearly destroyed.

Hill and her neighbors on the more rural Broomall Lane were the forgotten victims. They cut off from emergency aid for two days because of downed trees- three days without power. 

Hill would like to begin cleaning up the sunroom and garage that were destroyed but her insurance company says hands off until they can fully assess the damage.

She does what she can and waits to see how much the storm will cost her and her family. Still, no answers...

“Any day now, I hope that’s what I say every week—any day now. So I don’t know. We’ll see," she said.

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