Detroit police chief: activist group's 'Street Code' misses mark

This month alone we've seen two Detroit children killed by gun violence, but tonight an activist group has come up with what they call a new "Street Code."

But will that code stop the killing? It reads like an urban "Ten Commandments" and while the intent is well-meaning, Detroit Police Chief James Craig has an issue with some of the language.

The group says it is just being realistic about crime in Detroit and not advocating or endorsing violence.

"Nobody else is losing babies the way black people are losing babies - nobody. It's time for us to get our (expletive) together, realistically," said one activist at the New Era Detroit rally Wednesday.

Hence The Street Code introduced by New Era Detroit in hopes of bringing some order to the chaos that is Detroit crime and prayerfully save a few lives.

Rule No. 1 - no drive bys.

"You always hear the story about they are never getting the target," Zeek said. "They are getting some innocent baby or some innocent teenager."

Six-month-old Miracle Williams and 3-year-old Anaiya Montgomery are two glaring examples, killed by stray bullets and neither was the intended target.

The code gives crooks parameters to do their dirt, outlawing shootings in neutral territories like concerts and parties, and selling dope to pregnant women and children.

It is urging people to settle their beefs away from churches and schools and armed robbers to not shoot their victims.

"We don't approve of robberies as we said we think it's cowardly," Zeek said. "However if you're going to do it don't kill the victim. You're already victimizing this person you're already taking things from them. At least don't kill this person."

"That's not an option, how about no robberies at all," said Craig.

FOX 2: "The street code according to New Era Detroit, I'm guessing you're not a fan?"

"I think it's well-meaning but there are some very key points left out," Craig said. "Have we become so desensitized to violence or crime that certain crimes are okay?

"The code addresses the safe zones or neutral zones where we don't shoot. Well what about just no shooting, period?"

"I don't think we should shoot each other, I don't think we should rob each other," Zeek said. "We shouldn't steal, but the reality of it is, those things (will) happen.

"Only thing we can do is try to mitigate it and we also can try to save innocent lives with those who are going to commit those crimes."

Craig said he appreciates the intent.

"I believe they're trying to come up with solutions where we won't have these horrific situations with children, but we have to go beyond that."

Craig said he has had numerous dialogues with New Era Detroit and considers them allies in making the city safer. He says even though the Street Code is well-intentioned, "it misses the mark."