Eagles fans sound off on any hope for a post season

The Eagles hung on till the very end, but one slip of the hand ended the game. Fans are upset over the division loss to the Cowboys.

With the season on the line, Eagles fans didn't hesitate to ask for a little help from above.

Fans were confident.

"They're gonna win today, are you kidding?" said one fan.

:Get that victory today!" exclaimed another fan.

That was the game plan, anyway.

Fans were glued to their televisions, from Chickie's and Pete's to the home of the Quaker City String Band. All eyes on the Eagles, following a morning of mummers practice.

"How's the performance looking this year? You feel good?" asked Fox 29's Brad Sattin.
"Yeah, I feel real good. A lot better than I feel about the Eagles right now," said Mike Vaughn, with the Quaker City String Band.

It was a dud of a first half. From the play calling, to the ref's, to Carson Wentz, the team barely had a pulse. As the Philadelphia paramedics and firefighters would say, as they watched from the fire station.

"We're six and six. We're not that good," said J.T. Williams, a Philadelphia firefighter.

But, then came the fourth quarter and an Eagles touchdown with about three minutes to go.

"We got this baby! Let's go!" exclaimed a fan.

And, fans enjoyed it for about 10 seconds, when Dallas roared right back.

A Cowboys touchdown.

But, the Eagles weren't done, yet, with under two minutes, a Darren Sproles touchdown again tied it up.

Going into overtime, the Eagles defense couldn't hold and Dallas punched into the end zone for the crushing final blow.

"They make that extra point, they win in regulation. It's little mistakes football. It's this close. You miss one play, you can lose the game. And, the referees didn't have our back either. We need a miracle to come back," explained Paul Breitenstine.