Eagles' Torrey Smith touts the importance of breakfast at South Philly school

One elementary school was in for quite the treat Tuesday morning in South Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champion and wide receiver Torrey Smith joined students at Stanton Elementary School to highlight how eating breakfast and living healthfully can lead to success.

Stanton Elementary School won the Breakfast of Champions Challenge against Elizabeth Baldwin Elementary School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The two schools participated in a video challenge prior to Super Bowl 2018.

"We always preach health, and as an athlete I'm a perfect example of that," Smith told FOX 29. "For me it's important to not only talk to them about it, but live it as well."

"Did you eat a good breakfast growing up as a kid, when you were their age?" FOX 29's Steve Keeley asked Smith.

"Growing up, things were a little tough for us at times," Smith said. "That's why it's important for programs like this to educate the kids and also have these programs where you actually feed the kids in school, because a hungry kid doesn't learn."

"Kelce said it in the parade, you know, he doesn't eat breakfast, he's not in a good mood," Smith added. "That goes for all of us."


For more information about Torrey Smith and his non-profit organization, 'The Torrey Smith Family Fund,' which provides kids with the tools they need to reach their full potential, see here.