Family and friends search for justice after community activist is murdered

A shocking murder of a respected and loved community activist in March left many across the city in mourning.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke with her friend who hasn't lost faith in justice.

"If there was a fly in the room I would say, 'Winnie we've gotta get rid of the fly.' She would say just open the door and try to let it out. So how could somebody come into her home and take her life when she wouldn't even hurt a fly?" friend Saundra Fullwood said.

Unfortunately, being loved across the city didn't save community activist Winnie Harris who was murdered several months ago. But every day her friends and family are out in neighborhoods trying to find out who killed Winnie Harris.

Saundra Fullwood met Winnie Harris years ago, Aside from being a close friend, Ms. Fulwood is also a retired cop. FOX 29's Bill Anderson met her as she went through what has become a nearly daily search for justice.

Up and down the street in various neighborhoods The great-grandmother talks to people about her friend, posts the flyers and directs people to surveillance video hoping that somebody knows something and is willing to put aside their concerns and come forward.

As a former officer she understands that even if people know something they are often hesitant to talk. She moves around the city impressing upon people how much her friend's life mattered and hoping someone has information.

Ms. Fullwood isn't alone, several community groups Winnie Harris worked with are also distributing flyers, believing if they can get the pictures and video in front of enough faces in enough neighborhoods it will eventually pay off.

And until then, Ms. Fulwood and volunteers across the city will continue to search for the people who took such a good person's life.

Several UC Green members one of the organizations Ms. Harris was involved with will be back out Saturday putting up flyers in West Philadelphia. If you would like to get involved, please email