Folks in the Delaware Valley prepare for back-to-back winter systems

All registers were open and scanning at the Bala Acme. Rock salt and shovels within easy access and a heavier than normal Sunday shopping crowd. Still many, like the Cantwell family, are saying back-to-back winter storms on the way are just registering with them.

"So, we're out, late at night, getting groceries," Nina Cantwell chuckled.

"More snacks and stuff in case they have to stay inside the house," Derek Cantwell added.

"Sometimes I'm not sure if it's gonna actually come, but I like to be prepared, just in case," Kelsey Mellow said.

"You know what, I got tired of running in here with everybody buying milk, bread and eggs, like we're gonna get snowed in for, like, weeks," Carmelia Pinder stated.

Robert Greenage was downright mocking.

"It's gonna be, like, 16 feet, snowed in until July 4th and you get that much," Greenage laughed.

Ken Abney is rolling with being prepared for whatever happens the next few days.

"Milk, eggs, bread. A little orange juice for my vodka in case I do have to stay inside. Some pumpkin pie and I'm good," Abney said.

"I love the snow. I would be disappointed if we didn't have at least 2 major storms a season," Doug Henderson Jr. stated.

PennDOT got a head start on prepping roads this weekend. Brad Rudolph says they're riding out both snow events nonstop.

"Dropping a lot of salt overnight. Should the snow accumulate, they'll drop the blades and start the cleaning operation," Rudolph explained.

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