Folks turn out for breakfast and Eagles watch parties

An early Eagles game meant people had to adjust their plans for watching the Birds, trading beers and brats for Bloody Marys and breakfast skillets.

Eagles fans arrived at P.J. Whelihan's in Haddonfield with a big game day appetite.

"We're gonna get some tater tots, maybe a breakfast skillet," said Capri Zane.

Hungry for breakfast, but also, hungry for a win, die-hard fan Pat Delcamp isn't sugarcoating her morning thoughts.

"I think this is do or die - if they screw up this week, I don't know, it's gonna be hard to think that the seasons not over," Delcamp explained.

"I think it's definitely a must win. Gotta get it going if we are gonna make playoffs," Bob Hahn stated.

It didn't take long for the whistles to blow and frustrated fans arms to flail.

But, with a deep breath and another beverage, fans kept their heads up, splitting their focus between the screen and their skillet.

And, for dessert? A touchdown in the first half that tasted delicious.

Beers or bloodys, eggs or burgers, the energy was high and the vibes during the morning game in London were extra special.

"You can feel it in the room, it's got the not Super Bowl but playoff feeling," Delcamp said.

"I think it's exciting to know that our Eagles Super Bowl champs are across the pond playing," Adrienne Cutter said.

"We are super excited! I think it's a whole different atmosphere when you're out in the morning," Zane exclaimed.

"It gets pretty crowded and wild. We like coming and watching the game," said Bobby Hahn.

Cheer, they did - loudly - as the Birds were across the river at the Linc. As Delcamp said, the game is a big one and fans were all in.