Good Samaritan buys new tire for man after blowout on Route 309

It was an act of kindness in an unexpected place.

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon has the story.

Nicholas Lowry was northbound on Route 309 a couple of Sundays ago in his 1990 Buick Regal when he heard a bang.

"I thought I jut had a flat, but it was just a total blowout. Like, the tire wasn't even on the rim anymore," he told FOX 29.

Lowry got a lift home from his dad and they called AAA for help. When they got back to the stranded car along 309, they found the car on a makeshift jack.

"I thought somebody stole my tire," he said.

Lowry didn't know it, but Michael Moore was on his way home from church with his wife and kids when they passed the roadside scene.

"Just thought to myself that didn't look like a very good situation that must stink. And so, I just felt like, on my way home, the Lord said, 'You should go back and help those people out,'" Good Sarmatian Michael Moore said.

Using equipment he keeps in the trunk of his car--he's a commercial tractor-trailer driver by trade--Moore removed the rim and tire, drove to a nearby Pep Boys and bought a new tire and returned to put it on the Regal.

Lowry and his dad were blown away.

The Lowrys insisted Moore accept payment for the tire all the while wondering how this Good Samaritan came into their lives.

"I was surprised all day. I told all of my friends. Like, I would never have expected that to happen," Lowry said.

"My went heart out to the situation and I felt like the Lord had laid it on my conscience to help them out," Moore explained.

Lowry drove home with a brand new tire and a newfound appreciation for life's heartwarming surprises.