Heavy rain and wind pummel Jersey shore

It was a soggy start to the weekend for people down the shore. A Nor'easter packing some heavy rainfall pummeled the coast.

Water rushed down Bay Avenue in Ocean City during the Saturday morning storm that brought heavy rain, high winds and tidal flooding to the shore. Jackson Neall is a manager at an Ocean City wave runner rental company along the bay. The store is closed for the season and Neall was checking on the property.

"I would say we are starting to get into severe flooding. We'll have water up on the property. The last time we had water in the shack was Jonas, I believe and last time we had water in the property was Sandy," Neall said.

Throughout Saturday morning, the floodwaters rose, nearly swallowing fire hydrants. Despite the depth, some drivers made bold decisions to plow right on through flooded streets.

Bob McKernan, manager at Goodyear at 6th Street and Asbury Avenue, said during Hurricane Sandy, the store, a few blocks from the bay, took on four feet of water. This storm isn't nearly as bad across the board, but Jackson Neall said along the bay, it has produced some of the worst flooding he's seen in a couple of years.

"I'll stay here for the next couple of hours and keep an eye on things. This is very high along the curb right here. We are, probably, at two, maybe three feet along on the curb," Neall stated.