Hectic holiday travel causes headaches for some

Just the thought of Philadelphia International Airport days before Christmas is enough to send shivers down your spine, but it is an entirely different experience for people who were actually there.

Allentown resident, Nick Buglino, was traveling from Orlando to Newark, when his flight got canceled due to weather.

"Newark is terrible, I can't believe they shut down the airport over rain," said Buglino. "We should have flown out of Philadelphia."

Two flights later Buglino arrived at his destination, but he still had to retrieve his car in Newark and drive back to Allentown.

Courtney Gibson, another brave passenger trying to maneuver the holiday rush, had her own bout of travel headaches.

"Our flight was actually overbooked to come [to Philadelphia] and they asked for volunteers to give up seats for others," said Gibson.

Not everyone was stuck in a travel nightmare. Those that took the rail services found a stress free commute.

"I kind of loathe the holiday traffic and this is a much more refreshing, relaxing experience," said Ashley Moore.

When caught in the chaos of Christmas, sometimes all it takes is a child's innocence to help put things back into perspective.

7-year-old Jaden Gibson said she hopes Santa comes through with all the gifts on her Christmas list, but also understands why she endured a hectic trip to Philadelphia.

"What I also want for Christmas is to be with my family," said Gibson.