High school students create 'Denim 2 Denim' startup company

Every Tuesday night, 24 high school students from a variety of schools are hard at work participating in the Junior Achievement Program of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The program gives young people the knowledge and skills necessary to build economic success.

The students applied the lessons learned and created a startup company called "Denim 2 Denim." The company takes unwanted denim clothing and creates unique all-purpose bags.

"I would go home and see my closet particularly, where I had lots of clothing that I wouldn't use. So I thought, how I could make use of that clothing and I came up with the idea of repurposing denim," said "Denim 2 Denim" CEO, Davron Borhan.

Multiple companies across the mid-atlantic region donate jeans for the company to use for their crafts. Last week Green Drop offloaded 150 pair of unwanted jeans for the group.

The Denim 2 Denim project is not a typical High School extracurricular activity. Undertaking a task of this size can have a lasting effect on student's professional future.

"What they get out of it is the idea of what I want to do with my life," said President of Junior Achievement, Paul Kappel. "We use this idea as a start up to get an understanding of what it is going take to succeed in this world of work."

To help the students along the way, Corporate Volunteer, Pfizer, provides the meeting place, tech support and business experts to guide them through the process.

While there is a 15 week shelf-life on the program and company, students like Borhan see the advantages of being involved.

"It allows me to mature to a better person and kind of explore my interest in the world of business and build connections with different volunteers," said Borhan.