Iconic 30th Street Station flip board to be removed this weekend

The iconic 'clicking' flip board inside Philadelphia's 30th Street Station will be removed over the weekend.

Congressman Brendan Boyle, who has been pushing to save the sign, announced on Facebook Thursday night that the board would be taken down.

Boyle noted, "Amtrak has officially committed to reincorporating the iconic sign into the station's new design."

Rennovations have been underway inside 30th Street Station for some time, as the old board continued to click and update travelers on their trips.

Officials say the Solari board has grown obsolete, making it difficult to find replacement parts. It will be replaced with a digital board.

Most say the old flip board is historic but others agree the station needs a makeover, including the departure board.

Amtrak had previously explained they were looking to improve the passenger experience with easier-to-read displays and says a digitized board with synchronized audio and visual components would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.