KISS legend, Paul Stanley, brings paintings to Jersey Shore

"You wanted the best! You got the best!" is how legendary rock band KISS starts every concert. When lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley arrived in Atlantic City for an event October 13, fans probably could not have imagined anything better.

What many may not know is that Stanley, known as the Starchild persona in the iconic 1970s rock act, expresses himself creatively with far more than simply a guitar and pick.

For several years he has doubled as a painter. There are some sculptures made from his hands too. His artwork has fetched upwards of $10 million dollars as of late.

"When I write a song I'm dealing with music. I'm dealing with melody," Stanley told FOX 29 reporter (and lifelong KISS fan) Dave Kinchen.

"With painting I have much more of a feeling of freedom."

Paul Stanley is visiting the Wentworth Gallery at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in A.C. Saturday October 13. There, Stanley met with people intrigued by his art and art in general.

If they choose, they can buy some of his work and have a chance to dine with the "Rock and Roll All Nite" songwriter.

KISS recently made headlines by announcing its final, "End of the Road" tour after more than 40 years of making music and playing the big stages around the world.

"It really is like a victory lap," Stanley told FOX 29.

"It would be very easy for us to do a tour and then over a year or two later just go 'Ah we're not going to go out anymore', but we deserve to go out and to have a final goodbye and to do things in a style that only we can."

The tour dates are forthcoming but would begin in 2019, and could last up to three years.

Several people have come and gone from KISS over the decades, including founding lead guitarist Ace Frehley, founding drummer Peter Criss and 1980's-era guitarist Bruce Kulick.

Might the fans see some of the ex-members rejoin for a selection of tour dates?

"There's no reason that I would rule anything like that out because this really (is) a celebration of what the band has accomplished, not any lineup, not any individual but over the past 45 years or so, people have come and gone and people have been a part of it and to exclude people, I don't see a reason to."

Stanley recently gathered with fans at a Wentworth Gallery event in King of Prussia.

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