La Salle University students concerned about rise in crime around campus

Nearly half of the student body at La Salle University has signed a petition demanding better security after an increase in crime around the campus.

"I'm concerned the students aren't able to get to classes safely, get to the dining hall safely," said student Brianna Santiago. "We overall have sense of fear every day."

The catholic university, located in the city's Olney neighborhood, has seen everything from gunpoint robberies to petty theft recently.

When a crime is reported, students are alerted via text message to remain diligent. But for some students, the text messages only serve as a frequent reminder of La Salle's growing problem.

"We're always getting texts messages of people getting gel up at gunpoint having their phones snatched. You can't really do anything about it," said La Salle junior, James Lewis.

The student-run petition urging for more security garnered over 2,000 signatures, and will likely result in a campus-wide security meeting on Monday.

In a statement, the university tried to calm the nerves of the student body and noted that crime is occurring in areas surrounding the campus.

"We have strengthened our security protocols on campus and will continue to work closely with the Philadelphia Police Department to ensure the safety of La Salle University and the surrounding community," the release explained.

On Friday, security was noticeably ramped up, but less so on nearby streets where students live off-campus.

"I just feel like my safety is in jeopardy," said student Alyssa Wiest. "When I walk around the streets people are getting robbed in broad daylight."