Live Life Nice: Clothing company dedicated to empowering and inspiring acts of kindness

Two friends with one simple message of kindness ignited the start of an apparel company unlike any other.

Christian Crosby and Ashley Kane together form "Live Life Nice," a company dedicated to empowering, motivating and inspiring kindness.

"At a time like now people are feeling a little hopeless and sometimes feel like small things are not enough, so we're doing this to remind people that an act of nice is enough."

Live Life Nice is a business, but it is designed to make the world consider how many little things we can do to make things better.

Their social media posts reveal all the way they have tried to inspire nice and how people respond.

"We held up a sign that said "Dance to Donate" and for any stranger who decided to dance with us that day, we made a donation to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society," said Crosby.

The idea took off after they reached their initial goal of 1000 acts of kindness in a week. Then they upped the amount to 100,000 acts and reached that number with ease.

"You're wearing a billboard for how you have to act," said Kane.

Their effort and message appears to be working. Kimbel furniture company has written over 100,00 thank you notes to veterans and credit Live Life Nice for inspiring them.

"Putting positivity into the world in your own way is always the right thing to do," said Crosby. "If you can monetize that ,or spread a message that way, or add that to your existing business, then do it."