Local lawmakers address the growing heroin epidemic in Kensington

Local lawmakers walked the streets of Kensington on Thursday addressing the growing heroin epidemic.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole reports.

One day after a police officer was shot, a city council member toured the home of the city's raging opioid crisis touting the mayor's battle plans.

"This new initiative will get people off the streets and into care that they need and benefit the community that way," Philadelphia City Councilman Mark Squilla said.

Evidence of the grip of heroin--cheap and pure is everywhere--people dazed and swaying while others curled in a heap unconscious.

The city has offered a program relying on street cleaning, drug treatment and policing.

"Why do poor and disenfranchised people have to live like this?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Dwight Evans replied, "They don't." Cole said, "But they do." Evans said, "That's true."

FOX 29 asked a U.S. Representative if the state and federal governments should get in the fight.

"Do you think the federal government has a role?" Cole asked. Evans said. "Yes, bottom line is the National Guard have to work with the police and mayor and get all of those factors working together."