Local leaders demand apology from Holtec International's CEO after controversial comments

Local leaders are demanding an apology from a CEO of a company based in Camden. This comes after controversial remarks he made about some of his employees.

Demonstrators waved flags and blew horns in front of Holtec International along Broadway where police and barricades blocked the company entrance.

"I want you to know we would have had lots more residents today, but there at work," said one of the demonstrators.

They're angry at the CEO of Holtec International , Kris Singh, who in an interview complained how hard it is to find workers in the city, saying: "They can't stand getting up in the morning and have no tradition of work in their families."

Camden's new mayor says he spoke to Singh on the phone Friday morning.

"No one insults my city," said Mayor Frank Moran.

The wound cuts deep in this struggling city because Holtec was given a massive $260 million in tax breaks to move here about one year ago.

Singh has since walked back his comments and claims he was taken out of contest, but demonstrators, including a group of high school students were not convinced.

"How dare you run down our people. Say we're lazy. Say Camden schools produce drug addicts," said high school senior Shane Brown.

Later that day, Mayor Moran called reporters into his office for a press conference of community leaders all expressing outrage at the remarks, but pledging more job training.

Congressman Donald Norcross was asked about his own comments seemingly comparing Camden workers to children.

His response, "What we're talking about is children."

Mayor Moran says he hopes to have lunch with Holtec International's CEO next week and try to put this controversy to rest.