Man stabs girlfriend to death after she breaks up with him

A domestic situation turned deadly on Detroit's east side. Police say a man stabbed his estranged girlfriend to death and severely injured her daughter.

According to police sources she said it "was over, we are dating no more" and that's when he snapped.

It was common for Denise Ewing to hear loud arguments coming from next door where the 43-year-old victim lived with her 50 year-old boyfriend on Helen near east Outer Drive and Eight Mile.

"It was an ongoing thing they were always fighting and he was always beating her up," Ewing said.

But this time investigators say the woman told her boyfriend she was splitting up with him.

"I think her plan was to try to leave him," she said. "So I think that's what happened."

Police say the man responded by slashing the woman with a knife and killing her. The woman's 22-year-old daughter who was visiting also was wounded and suffered serious injuries, but is expected to survive.

Investigators say the boyfriend fled the murder scene prior to police arrival at 2:15 AM Thursday but just hours later Friday morning the boyfriend was arrested by police.

"Tremendous job by our investigators," Chief James Craig said. "This is an example of the kind of work we do. Thorough but relentless."

Denise Ewing says she wished she could have helped, but she was sleeping next door during the incident. She woke to the arrival of police next door.

The suspect will be arraigned Friday morning.