Mega Millions jackpot grows to $348 million

On the biggest Christmas Day jackpot Mega Millions has ever seen there was no winner, which puts Friday's jackpot at $348 million. Just enough to pay off those post-holiday credit card bills.

FOX 29's Brad Sattin has the story.

Myron Miller has hit the lottery before--the TV lottery. This is the second time FOX 29 was run into him buying tickets and put him on TV.

"I got the Mega Million ticket. I haven't filled the card out yet, but I'm gonna start the New Year out right and win this thing," Miller said.

Big money at stake or is it? When Mega Millions hit $1.5 billion in October one store sold $25,000 in tickets in a day. The lines were shorter Wednesday,

"They see a billion dollar Mega Millions, they don't think it's enough. Suddenly 348? Nobody is even buying," Abdul Chaudhry said.