Montgomery County students aim to curb bullying through dance

A high school junior in Montgomery County is doing his part to make the world a better place.

In the wake of a bullying incident at Hatboro-Horsham High School, Lucas Loschiavo launched Choreography Connected. The two-part program teaches students of all abilities an easy-to-learn dance routine over the course of an hour.

"I just felt like people shouldn't be treated poorly," Loschiavo told FOX 29's Bill Anderson. "Everyone, whether there's a difference that's super big or super small, whatever it is, everyone should be treated nicely. There's always a way to be nice to someone."

The inspiration came when Loschiavo says he fell victim to peer pressure, joining in and laughing at the expense of a student with disabilities.

"He had no idea it was at him, not with him," Loschavio writes, adding that he was disappointed in himself.

Then Loschavio decided to turn the situation into a force for good. He soon approached Hatboro-Horsham's principal about fostering connections between students with and without disabilities, and Choreography Connected was born.

Bill Anderson could see new relationships and emotional connections forming as students participated in a freestyle dance circle. Selfies, high fives and a conga line followed.

After learning their routine, students were asked if anyone made a new friend during the event. Every hand went up.

If Lucas has his way, the small step of building bridges will become something others can easily replicate.

"I hope this goes regional, national, global, so that everyone in the world can learn what I learned -- that big differences aren't so big."