Multi-vehicle crash involving cement truck closes two roads in Warrington

A multi-vehicle crash involving a cement truck has left one hospitalized and a large hazmat scene on Route 152 and Upper State Road in Warrington Thursday morning.

Police say that the cement truck was traveling south on Route 152 when it collided with a Chevrolet Camaro driving northbound on Upper State Road.

The collision caused the cement truck to roll over onto its side. Two additional vehicles were struck in the wake of the initial crash.

Emergency response crews had to help free both drivers from their vehicles.

Police say the cement truck driver was not injured. The driver of the Camaro, however, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Officials from Penndot and Warrington Township Public Works were brought in to contain the hazardous fluids leaking from the truck.

As a result, Route 152 and Upper State Road will be closed until the scene is fully cleaned up.