New Jersey residents report confusion after receiving ballots for deceased, former homeowners

FOX 29 has been receiving calls and messages surrounding mail-in ballots in New Jersey.  Some report getting duplicate ballots, parents report getting ballots for kids who no longer live there. People have also received ballots for former homeowners or ballots for the deceased. 

Jeanna Schnur was confused when she got three ballots in the mail — one for her husband and two for her. 

"How can we trust the system if I’m an example of getting two ballots," she asked.

She's not alone, Schnur is on the growing list of South Jersey voters reporting ballot concerns to FOX 29. 


“When we see duplicate ballots or ballots of deceased is to contact the Board of Elections to send back the duplicate ballot and we’ll mark it as the person has moved, this person is deceased," Camden County clerk John Schmidt said.

Election officials in Camden County showed FOX 29 around the Blackwood Election Service Center where your mail-in ballots are sent. Next to the 800 voting machines for this election, a small army of workers start the process of checking signatures.

Ballots are moved into a secured cage until they are ready to be counted. The most they've ever handled for an election is about 60,000 mail-in ballots. For this election, they have sent out over 358,000.

“If you notice we are standing in a cage within a cage. Everything in our office is done Democrat and Republican. No ballot is ever handled by just one party," Kim Campisi, Democratic administrator, said.


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