Officials: Human remains of toddler found in Camden alleyway

Authorities confirm human remains found in an alleyway in Camden, New Jersey are that of a toddler.

The grim discovery was made Thursday afternoon on the 800 block of Mount Ephraim Avenue.

"We're seeking the public's assistance with helping us identify a family, a friend, a neighbor. Somebody who may have had a child who now no longer has a child." Chief Detective Bill Townsend of the Camden County Prosecutor's Office says the toddler found dead in an overgrown alley had been left there at least two weeks ago until passerby came upon the body.

"They were in a state of decomposition. It's been pretty warm out," Detective Townsend said.

So badly decomposed a state forensic anthropologist has been tasked with determining a race and gender. The ME has so far ruled the cause of death as undetermined. Detective Townsend says the child was between one and 1-2 years old and was 2 and a half feet tall.

This neighbor--who asked not to be identified--says she noticed a terrible stench coming from the alleyway. She thought it may have been a dead animal. She was horrified to learn it was a baby apparently tossed out and thrown away like garbage. Her own premature son passed away a year ago and this horrific discovery has hit close to home.

"They got to take that up with the Lord. They have to answer that. I wish my baby was still here," she said.

"If you're the parent, please reach out to us. Please reach out to us," Detective Townsend said.

If you have any information, please contact the Camden County Prosecutor's Office Detective Matthew Barber at (856) 225-5166 or Camden County Police Detective Sean Miller at (856) 757-7420.