Officials: Venomous snakes found in Falls Township apartment

Officials say almost two dozen snakes--most of them venomous--were found in a Falls Township apartment.

"As a parent, I was angry. We're talking about 23 poisonous rattlesnakes or any kind of snake. I just don't think it's fair," Maria Rodriguez said.

According to officials, a resident at the Aspen Falls Apartments on Trenton Road in Fairless Hills had nearly 20 venomous snakes in their apartment.

Falls Township police showed up Wednesday to serve a search warrant and when they arrived animal expert and retired cop Jungle Joe Fortunato says that the number of snakes and the way they were being kept was just reckless.

"They had spitting cobra. We didn't know what we're walking into. I mean, I'm retired police officer I've been doing the animal thing since 1985 and I've been called to a lot of conversations this was by far one of the most dangerous I've ever walked into," Jungle Joe explained.

The snakes were being kept in plastic bins and unsecured tanks, including a rattlesnake that was apparently kept in a young child's room," according to officials.

"If that's the case in my opinion that's completely reckless behavior it's like leaving a loaded gun laying around," Jungle Joe said.

The snakes were all confiscated and now Jungle Joe is relocating them to licensed and trained handlers. Police tell FOX 29 that charges will likely be announced as soon as Friday as the district attorney weeds through confusion. Owning venomous snakes is not illegal in Pennsylvania but is illegal in Falls Township. Breeding and selling venomous snakes and keeping them near a child will also likely result in charges.