Partial building collapse briefly traps construction workers in North Philadelphia

Officials say a portion of a building adjacent to a construction site collapsed on two workers in North Philadelphia

The pair were members of a crew working in a construction hole at 1730 Ridge when the abandoned, brick building at 1728 fell in on them.

Ridge was quickly taped-off as police and fire crews flooded the neighborhood where new construction fills the block. Men--coated in red from the bricks--speaking Portuguese were in that hole.

City records show 1730 Ridge was permitted for new construction being done by the Tester Group. A company official on the phone refused to comment. According to the city,1728 was vacant with a pending permit for demolition.

"They had part of the building on them--so the building sort of slid into the excavation. They were pinned against the excavation by the building," Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said.