PennDOT rolls out REAL ID awareness campaign

A Pa. standard issue drivers license won't get you on a plane starting in October of 2020. PennDOT is rolling a 2 year long REAL ID awareness campaign. Bottom line--if you want to fly--you'll need a REAL ID compliant drivers license or a valid passport.

Your drivers license even the newer issued ones will still allow you to drive but they won't work at the airport once the program starts.You'll be able to get them next March when PennDOT begins issuing the new REAL ID drivers license for an extra 30 bucks.

"The difference is that the REAL ID will get you on an airplane and the standard won't after October 1st 2020," PennDOT press officer Alexis Campbell said.

You can get pre-qualified for the REAL ID program by going online. Who won't need a REAL ID? Those who have a valid passport, permanent residency card, U.S. military ID or if you don't plan to fly.

"It is not mandatory. It's an option. But if you want to continue to use your Pa. drivers license to get on an airplane you might want to consider getting one," Campbell said.

For drivers in Delaware--good news-- your drivers licenses are already REAL ID compliant. New Jersey says it plans to meet the 2020 deadline with its licenses.

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