Philadelphia Eagles fan plans to donate money from football parties to St. Jude

It was the Philadelphia Eagles that helped them get through the heartwrenching days after their daughter passed on. Now, they're combining their love of the Eagles with a way to give back to others in memory of their daughter.

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FOX 29's Bill Anderson last spoke to Ed Kovalcik last year during the Eagles championship run. His love for the Eagles was clear from the weekly parties at his kitchen, which has been converted into an Eagles sports bar.

"It just seems like every time something goes really deep and down for us, something happens with football and it lifts us up," he told FOX 29.

At his families lowest point, the tragic car accident that killed his daughter, he says the Eagles helped him cope.

"Next thing, we know we get a phone call, 'Hey, how would you guys like to come to the Linc to sit down and watch the Giants game. And by the way, we want you to bring 30 of your friends with you," he explained.

Now a year later, although sadly the Eagles season has ended, the parties at Ed and his wife Bunny's home bar have not and they hope that hardcore sports fans like themselves nationwide will take a minute to see if they can help as they support the teams they love so much.

"My sister-in-law here Trina had come up with an idea last year to try and raise some funds," Ed said. "We'd like to have people take one of their favorite Eagles mugs or whatever team you root for, put a mug together where everytime your friends come to your house for a football party put some money in it."

They then plan to donate the money to St. Jude to help those in need. Their collection is growing pretty quickly. Perhaps because of the love that they and their friends have for the Eagles and maybe even bigger to show that as passionate as we are competing against each other as teams and fans, we all should recognize that football is a game we love but life is our larger concern.

The weekly parties at Ed and Bunny's and likely across the country unite fans and put smiles on faces even in their lowest moments. So imagine what would happen if we took the love we have for our teams and extended it to each other?

"Show us your mug. Do it for St. Jude its not for us. We're not getting anything out of this it's just because we want to give back for what football does for us," Ed said.