Philadelphia experiencing cold weather fatigue

The cold and blustery work week did not end quietly on Friday like some hoped it would.

On the contrary, the winter weather only strengthened as snow fell and temperatures hovered around the bottom of the thermometer.

Some Philadelphia residence would rather winter come in bunches, instead of lingering in a deep freeze.

"If it's going to snow, it should snow a lot that way you can actually go and enjoy it," said Dave Riess.

Although the coating of powder that fell was barely enough to make a snow angel, it kept Pennsylvania Department of Transportation crews busy.

The air and moisture made perfect conditions for slippery roads and sidewalks that required treatment for safe passage.

While most of Philadelphia has had enough winter, others are actively seeking more. And traveling hours to scratch their winter itch.

"I'm going to Killington, Vermont," said Riess. "This is what I live for."

For the rest of us, just remain patient, warmer weather is right around the corner. Temperatures are supposed to reach the 60's early next week.