Philadelphia police captain claims boss attacked her

A Philadelphia police captain claims her boss attacked her on the job. Now, an internal investigation is underway.

"It's called retaliation." Anger from Rochelle Bilal, head of the Guardian Civic League, over an alleged incident Wednesday night between two Philadelphia police commanders working a drug case in the 24th District. Disagreeing over an arrest, Chief Inspector Anthony Boyle is accused of an "attack and assault" against Captain Laverne Vann--both veterans with decades of experience.

"At some point, Chief Boyle grabbed Captain Vann by the arm and twisted the arm and caused Captain Vann to fall to the ground," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said.

The private criminal complaint obtained by FOX 29, alleges Captain Vann was trying to handcuff a suspect when Chief Inspector Boyle grabbed and twisted her arms and wrists in a painful manner, attempting to push her to the ground and eventually had to be pulled off of and away by other officers.

Bilal says it was in retaliation for a federal lawsuit filed last year by four African American Officers, including Captain Vann--alleging they were the targets of racial discrimination. Chief Boyle is named as a defendant.

Bilal wants to know with the pending case why were they working together?

"How about common sense? If somebody files a lawsuit against you--your superior-- you don't think they going to retaliate against you. You don't think that they're mad?" she asked.

"I can think of other examples where there's been a lawsuit, people who were left if not in the same squads, in the same districts, same commands and nothing happened," Captain Kinebrew said.

Internal affairs is investigating, Boyle was not arrested but was put on desk duty. Vann went to the hospital and is cleared to work but did not report Thursday.