Philadelphia police officer to be dismissed after fatal December 2017 shooting

Police say an officer who shot and killed a man in Philadelphia two days after Christmas last year will be suspended with intent to dismiss.

Commissioner Richard Ross said Wednesday that 25-year-old Dennis Plowden fled, crashed into two parked cars, and was found sitting with one hand behind his body. After he failed to show his hands, 30-year-old Officer Eric Ruch fired.

Ross cited the crash and air bag deployment as "warranting the conclusion that Plowden was likely dazed and disoriented, particularly because he was seated on the curb." He said Ruch, a 10-year veteran, could have taken cover, as did three other officers who didn't fire. Ross said Plowden also "exercised poor judgment" in fleeing.

Statement of behalf of the FOP:

"We will represent officer Eric Ruch Jr. against these latest allegations. Our attorneys will gather all the facts of the case and appropriately defend the officer."