Philadelphia records 351 homicides for 2018, up 12 percent from 2017

2018 will be remembered as a deadly year in the city of Philadelphia.

351 total homicides.

City residents say that number is unacceptable. Officials say everyone needs to come together to make Philly a safer place in 2019.

"They should try to do something to get rid of the guns and stuff," said Mrs. Taylor.

Taylor need only to look at her mailbox still pierced by a bullet to be reminded of the impact of Philadelphia's gun violence problem, which closes the year with a 12 percent increase in the murder rate. And, that includes a 15-year-old shot dead right across from her house at 15th and Federal in South Philadelphia.

"It's a disgrace! The way they're killing each other," Mrs. Taylor added.

That November day, 41 shots rang, when three men got out of a car and started shooting. Two others were hurt in addition to the murder of the 15-year-old.

Later that month, 4 people were found in a basement, shot dead on the 5100 block of Malcolm Street.

By year end, 351 people would lose their lives to violence, up 12 percent, according to Philadelphia Police crime statistics. There were 313 city killings in 2017.

"It's amazing how quickly it happens and life goes back to normal," said one resident.

A normal that Philadelphia Police are constantly trying to reverse. Commissioner Richard Ross said on Good Day Philadelphia recently that everyone has a role.

"Whether you want to be a coach, mentor, whatever you want to be. Everybody can make a contribution and that's what we're suggesting. We're not asking everyone to do the same thing, just do just a little bit. The onus is on us, and, ultimately, on me," Commissioner Ross said.

Neighbors on 15th Street say some degree of normalcy has returned, after bullets ripped into houses and, pretty much, anything lying around.

But, many, like Mrs. Taylor, also turn to a higher power for long term help.

"I just pray to God and ask him to help them and to take care of the ones doing it, too. I don't wish nobody no bad luck," Mrs. Taylor explained.