Pleasantville-Camden football game cut short by shooting resumes at the Linc

The Pleasantville-Camden high school football game that was cut short when gunfire rang out resumed Wednesday at the home field of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Hours before the game officials confirmed that 10-year-old Micah Tennant, who was injured during the shooting Friday night, passed away.  The boy was shot in the neck as he sat in the stands during a playoff game between Pleasantville and Camden. 

"It was hard, motivating but he always had that one thing in our minds and that was about Micah," Ernest Howard from the Greyhounds said. He and his teammates found out about six hours before the game. Howard wore a jersey with the number 10, which represented Micah's age.

"I love you guys. I'm proud of you guys and there's better days ahead for this team and this program. I promise you that," head coach Chis Sacco said on the field.

He broke the news to his players.

"They were emotional and I said we're going to sit here together for 10 15 minutes before we go eat lunch and just having the kids hug each other and be there for each other," he explained.

“This is the first time of my experience of having to deal with this, but I think it highlights the world we live in now. No place is safe," Larry White, executive director of NJSIAA, said.


Each high school was provided a defined number of free passes, specifically for distribution to players’ parents and family members. The game was closed to the general public. Inside a nearly empty Lincoln Financial Field, players for both teams gathered at the 50-yard line for a moment of silence.

Before the game, Philadelphia Eagles players greeted the kids with high fives and best wishes under troubling circumstances. 

"Hopefully, it just helps bring a little joy. I know the last time they were on the field it was unfortunate. Circumstances were not ideal and it’s something that you would never want to happen," Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said.

Camden won the game 22-0.


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