Police: Armed robbery leads to crash in Mount Airy

One look at the mangled SUV and you might find it hard to believe a 1-year-old baby girl survived the crash that left the vehicle overturned at Chew and Upsal Street.

The baby was strapped into her car seat in the back of the SUV when three suspects raced away from an armed robbery and plowed into the SUV--flipping it over. Family members called it a miracle.

The three armed suspects popped open the sunroof in their vehicle, climbed out and ran. Two men in the SUV pulled themselves and the baby from the mangled wreckage. The SUV's owner says his two sons and the baby were hospitalized but will be OK. His truck was totaled

An off duty officer spotted the suspects, followed them and called police. They arrested two suspects a block away and the third on East Sharpnack Street. The crash took out a light pole, traffic light and a fence. It happened just before school let out on the same corner.

The suspects are in custody facing charges. The crash victims are in stable condition. Family members are hoping the baby and the two young men in the SUV will be released from the hospital soon.