Police find cat trapped inside duct-taped box; owner sought

Police are asking for the public's help locating a cat's owner after they found the feline trapped inside a duct-taped bin on Saturday.

New York's Village of Le Roy Police Department said there were no holes cut in the lid or any way for air to enter the bin.

According to the department, the male tiger cat appeared to be unharmed and well fed.

Now, police are asking for the public's help with any information that could lead to a possible suspect or suspects, as well as locating the cat's owner.

"There are a lot of questions being asked and some details have been left out because this is an ongoing investigation. A lot of people are also expressing an interest in adopting this cat, at this time we are still looking for the owner," the department wrote.

"We have no information suggesting the owner did or did not do this. If the owner is not located or no longer wants the cat there will be an adoption process, we will do our best to keep you posted."