Police report string of lawn ornament, landscape decor thefts

Police believe the same man caught on camera stealing a woman's dog statue may be behind a string of lawn ornament and landscape decor thefts.

Dottie Clarkin says her home surveillance video recorded the latest horticulture heist on Friday along Grand Oak Lane in East Goshen Township.

"Why, why would you take something from somebody else? It is just ridiculous," says Clarkin. " If someone absolutely needed it, and really wanted it, and asked for it, I would say if you have a good reason, sure!"

Between April 1st and April 19, Westtown-East Goshen police say they had 6 other reported thefts.

"You would think it's a prank but by 7, who knows what they're stealing for," says Sergeant Michael O'Brien.

The items include a 2.5-foot tall gargoyle stolen from Marlboro Road in Westtown on April 1. In East Goshen Township, police say someone stole two large plastic garden pots from Linden Lane on April 4th, a black wrought iron garden cart and basket from Richard Drive on April 5th, a cement sailor statue from Gateswood Drive on April 8, and a concrete ornamental lion from Mill Creek Road on April 19. The items range between $10 and $299.

Police say two 3-foot greyhound statues were also stolen from Grand Oak Lane on April 7.

Karen Avagliano says her neighbor came over to tell her what happened.

"She said they were 75-pound statues, I can't even imagine how they could have possibly taken them quickly," she says. "We think we live in a safe space and it's kind of creepy to think that somebody's coming up to your house while you're sleeping."

Police say they are increasing patrols in the areas, specifically in developments along Boot Road where most of the thefts occurred. They are also looking for additional surveillance video.

In the meantime, they suggest that homeowners move lawn ornaments and landscape decor inside.