Police: Student arrested for threatening school

Police have arrested a suspect linked to the anonymous tip threatening Bucks County Community College Campus.

Police were able to link the the threat to one of the school's students 20-year-old Sarah Elizabeth Squitieri. After a full investigation, detectives were able to determine that Squitieri had provided false and misleading information concerning the alleged threat and that there was no credible threat to the Community College.

Back on September 25, Newtown Township Police received an anonymous tip indicating that an individual named "Karl" had sent the tipster a group message and was planning to commit acts of violence at the Bucks County Community College Campus the next day on September 26. The tip stated the acts of violence would include firearms and explosive devises.

Police informed the school immediately and provided security for the students and staff. All classes were canceled and the campus was closed. After the closure, the school was reopened the following day on September 27.

Squitieri was officially charged with threats to use weapons of mass destruction.