Police warn of kids playing 'Assassin' game

Police are warning the public about the potential hazards of the 'Assassin' game.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson has the details.

There's nothing unusual about 'Watch Children' signs you see in many neighborhoods. You can find them in a lot of places, but now they could have a different meaning.

"I was outside someone's front yard for almost two hours waiting for them to come home," said Joseph Jackson. On Tuesday, he was out tossing around a football with friends, but Monday he was playing a different kind of game.

"A bunch of people I think about 200 and they all have a target of 200. You can use silly string, water guns, nerf guns that kind of thing and you have to try to shoot them. Last one standing wins," said Jackson.

It's called the 'Assassin' game.

"It's pretty well-known," said Jackson. Among teens maybe but adults maybe not. Police are looking at it differently.

On Tuesday, Upper Gwynedd Township police posted a warning about the game on the department's Facebook page explaining it to residents and asking parents to talk to their kids about the potential hazards.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson explained it to Doug Moister who has a teenage son.

"Maybe it's important for parents just to have a conversation with their kids and say, 'Hey, don't be hiding in your neighbor's bushes.' But is there a way to do something and fun and creative and fun like that. I think it's no harm no foul unless it gets a little bit out of hand," said Moister.

Cathy Kriebel was doing some sprucing up in her front yard which would be an Assassin game player's dream hiding place. She's concerned but for a different reason.

"It would concern me because they're taking the police away from what they should be doing for the safety of people and these kids are just playing games," she said. Jackson sees no problem with police making residents aware but he doesn't see any potential danger in it.

"I don't think they need to stop the game or anything like that. Just the warning is fine. Other than that I think it's pretty safe."

Upper Gwynedd police are trying to get ahead of any real problems. They say on Tuesday morning a teen on the way to school called 911 because they thought they were being followed or someone was trying to abduct them. Turns out, it was another kid playing the 'Assassin' game.

Westtown East Goshen Regional police also put out a reminder earlier this month saying it's that time of year again and for everyone to be safe although they don't condone the game.

It's important to note police say don't approach someone if you're not sure. They do want you to call them in that case.