Police: Woman fights back against would-be robber at Springfield Mall

Police say a woman fought back against a would-be robber in a dressing room at the Springfield Mall.

According to police, 37-year-old Joseph Diamond stalked an unsuspecting shopper from Target to Macy's at the Springfield Mall Sunday afternoon until he saw an opportunity to grab her purse in the dressing room.

Police say she was able to back her attacker off of her.

"There was a struggle, physical struggle, she was able to get the pocketbook back," Springfield Township Police Sgt. John Ditrolio said.

Investigators say other shoppers did what they could to stop the alleged attacker after hearing the commotion in the dressing room. First, they called security and then police.

"He walked out of there very briskly. I think he knew he was being pursued. He was trying to get away," Sgt. Ditrolio said.

Sgt. Ditrolio says although his plan backfired, Diamond is facing charges of strong-arm robbery, assault, theft and receiving stolen property.

"We don't encourage any kind of physical confrontation between the public and violent offenders," Sgt. Ditrolio said.