Police: Woman robbed beauty supply store with shotgun

Police are searching for a woman they say robbed a store with a shotgun in West Philadelphia.

For the owner of a West Philadelphia beauty supply store these are scary times after he came face-to-face with a shotgun-toting woman in his store Thursday afternoon. When he saw that gun the 64-year-old owner ran from the shop with a customer--leaving the female suspect behind. She robbed the cash register then fled, according to police.

Southwest Detectives say the suspect dumped the shotgun in a lot a block from the shop. The say this was the fourth armed robbery by the female suspect. All of the crimes happened in a small four block area. A Halal deli was robbed twice. Customers at a restaurant two doors away were robbed two weeks ago.

"We do have some leads as far as evidence we can search for DNA," Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker said.

Police believe the suspect cased the hair supply store two days ago. Again, it was caught on camera. Police and store owners are hoping an arrest comes soon.

"Looking at the female in two of the incidents shes wearing scrubs. We think she may be a home healthcare aid somebody knows," Lt. Walker said.