Rescue Dogs movie to play at Harkins theater

A woman who grew up in Tempe is now back in the Valley promoting a movie she starred in to help rescue animals. It's a family friendly movie about the dogs and humans and the love they have for one another.

Courtney Daniels is the lead actress in "Rescue Dogs - The Movie" and co-stars with her own rescue dog.

"The lead dog in the film is mine, and then I have two other dogs and three cats. I'm a huge fan of animals, I've been rescuing them my whole life, and that's what attracted me to the film," said Courtney Daniels.

All the dogs that appear in the film are rescue animals; they did that on purpose.

"We really wanted to show that hey they can go on and make a Hollywood movie and if you're looking for a specific breed you can find those at the shelters," said Daniels.

She says the best part about the movie was that the actors and actresses weren't the stars, the animals were.

"You have these moments that you can play for, and they make things a lot more exciting, and you're not as stressed because you're hanging out with animals, how bad can it be," said Daniels.

The movie also sponsored one dog at the shelter, Hyde was chosen as the mascot and is ready for adoption.

"His adoption fee has already been sponsored by the movie, so to an approved adopter he's at no cost," she said.

20% of the producers profit will benefit the Arizona Animal Welfare League.