Rescued bulldog pups adopted out

Back in June MCSO deputies raided a home in Wittmann, Arizona they seized 99 pups all believed to be part of a dog mill. The dogs were living in what many described as deplorable conditions, many requiring extensive health care once they were out.

The story sparked a lot of interest especially from people who wanted to adopt the animals and now a lucky group got to do just that.

Nick Devine was the first in line to adopt one of the 50 pups rescued from an alleged puppy mill.

"I'm going to call him Dozer the bully, at home is Tank, we can have a little wrecking crew," said Nick Devine.

150 people were the lucky winners of a lottery that put them in the running to adopt one of 99 dogs seized back in June.

Some were bulldog puppies, labradoodles, and maltese from what MCSO described as a cruel and neglectful environment.

61-year-old Colleen Jolley was accused of keeping the dogs in wooden crates with small breathing holes; she was later charged with 99 counts of animal neglect.

Wendy Morris was second in line, waiting since 10:30 p.m. Thursday. She recently lost her bulldog, and she planned to rescue a dog either way.

"You had to submit an application, I guess out of 130 they picked 50 people because there were 50 puppies," said Morris.

Some of the dogs were found in poor health; they were all cared for and nursed by the MASH unit.

"Yeah we have crimes, but somebody has to look out for the animals too Gandhi said, you judge the moral of a country by how they treat their animals, to me that's very important," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"Most of the time these guys are $2,500 to $6,000 for a puppy straight from a breeder," said Devine.

MCSO says there are still more pups that need homes, they will hold adoptions every weekend this month. There is a $200 adoption fee per dog.