Search for alleged child sex offender continues

Tracking dogs on loan from SEPTA police, along with local cops searched 45 acres of wooded Bucks County property for David Allen Hamilton, an elusive alleged child sex offender.

"We just did a complete 40 acre tract with canines and officers and came up empty. We have no reason to believe he's in the area," Solebury Township Police Chief Dominick Bellizzie said.

Where he is police do not know right now, but they've plastered local and social media with his picture, including an image shot by a hunter in rural Solebury Twp. along Stoney Hill Road.

According to an arrest warrant, Hamilton is alleged to have raped and assaulted two young girls for five years at locations in Bensalem and Feasterville.

The girls, now 12 and 14, came to police earlier this month with their allegations of repeated abuse by the 47-year-old.

Late last week, Hamilton--a veteran of two tours in Iraq say sources--tried to take the gun of a New Hope police officer attempting to arrest him. He was riding a bike at the time. He escaped into the underbrush in Solebury and that's the last anyone's seen of him.

Solebury police are patrolling an elementary school and keeping an eye-out for David Allen Hamilton likely wet and muddy from his days on the run.

"If he was out there with these two canines--both tracker canines--we would have picked him up. We came up completely empty," Chief Bellizzie said.