Sheriff: Dad's tough love helps nab drug dealer

A father's tough love has helped lead to the arrest of an alleged drug dealer in Clayton County.

According tot he Clayton County Sheriff's Office, deputies pulled a teenager over for a traffic stop Friday and found marijuana in his bag.

Instead of arresting the teen, deputies decided to call his dad.

The father then forced his son to tell the police who he got the drugs from and where.

That led to an investigation, of an Exxon gas station at the corner of Tayler and Highway 138 in Riverdale.

Officials say Demarcus Brown was arrested after surveillance cameras caputured him in several apartment drug transactions at the gas station.

When deputies searched Brown's house, they say they found "guns and more drugs."

"If it was not for a good strong father willing and able to do the right thing for his son and community, Brown would still be selling drugs and in possession of guns today," the Clayton County Sheriff's Office said.

Brown is now facing nine felony charges.