South Jersey town searches for popular Wawa turkeys

There's turkey trouble in New Jersey. Two turkeys have been the talk of Palmyra for a while since they've been hanging out at a Wawa. But now, they're gone and the search is on to find one of them.

Myra and Uncle Vinny had become celebrities in the small South Jersey town -- a region where wild turkeys have not enjoyed the best reputation.

Oftentimes, they're known for turkey attacks but locals say their Myra would never behave this way.

"The popular name was Myra be cuz of Palmyra but I do believe it was a boy turkey," said Mayor Michelle Arnold.

"Myra was laid back she just liked to look at herself in reflections," said Valerie Still.

Myra showed up at the Wawa in the center of town, ironically around Thanksgiving. Then Uncle Vinny, sometimes surly, arrived around Christmas.

"He was a little annoying if you wanted to get in the door and didn't want to kick it or push it," Jim Quinn, of Haines Farm and Garden, told Fox 29.

As suddenly as they arrived, the birds bounced.

"You look for them when you drive through town, now they're not here," said Mark Nece, of UPS.

"They said he went to Delaware," Jim Quinn added.

Valerie Still believes she might have gone south for the winter.

Valerie started a Facebook page celebrating the wild turkeys gathered selfies and videos. But all that kidding turned to concern when a disturbing .video appeared on the Facebook page.

Samantha Cesari captured somebody bagging up a bird that they believe to be Uncle Vinny. Then, Myra disappeared.

The search intensified.

"These two little animals gave us something to gather around and people are really concerned" explained Valerie Still.

Various reports say one of the turkeys was sent to a refuge in Delaware.

"Last I heard she was put into a farm so I hope she's enjoying herself," Mayor Arnold said at a borough hall meeting.

The farm will keep him or her safe but locals say they will miss seeing them.