State Police Seeking Public's Assistance with 1978 Murder of Deal Family

New Jersey State Police are seeking the public's assistance with the 40-year-old unsolved murder of a South Jersey couple and their three-year-old son.

Due to medical advancements, ballistic and DNA evidence collected from the crime scene have been resurfaced and retested to find who is responsible for the brutal killing.

This case happened 40 years ago on Monday, October 30, 1978. New Jersey State Police responded to a triple homicide at a house on Mays Landing Road in Folsom, N.J. Upon arrival, police found the bodies of 26-year-old Gary Deal, 26-year-old Joan Deal, and their 3-year-old son Jason inside their home.

According to the original report. Gary Deal was found lying of the floor near the front door. Police said he was shot multiple times along with a violent injury to the throat. Joan's body was found naked on their bedroom floor with multiple gun shots and violent injury to the throat as well. Jason's body was found lying on his bed in his pajamas with an injury to his throat.

When the investigation was first conducted, the Criminal Investigation Office, Crime Scene Investigators Unit and Major Crime Unity learned that the last time someone had contacted the family was in the evening hours of the Thursday before the bodies were found on October 26.

As one could assume, the murder of the Deal family rattled the community surrounding them. Multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies assisted with the case and the original detectives conducted an extremely thorough investigation.

According to the records, many suspects were developed but none were ever charged. The case has remained under investigation by detectives for the past 40 years.

Police say updated investigative leads are still being sought today.

Police are urging anyone with any information to please contact Detective Mario Nocito, of the New Jersey State Police Homicide South Unit, at 609-561-1800 ext. 3354. Anonymous tips are welcome.