Weather Authority: Cooler temperatures follow in wake of mighty storms that plowed across Delaware Valley

Cooler temperatures will follow in the wake of a powerful storm system that plowed across the Delaware Valley Thursday night, bringing severe weather advisories and a brief isolated tornado warning. 

Thursday night was a preview of what normally happens during the warm summer months. Daytime highs reached into the 70s that helped make the conditions right for an incoming cold front that pushed a line of storms across the area. 

The National Weather Service first issued a region wide Severe Thunderstorm Watch which was later upgraded to a warning in parts of the region. Winds that gusted up to 60 MPH helped spin up a brief Tornado Warning in central Bucks County. 

Forecasters said the storm system weakened as it moved across New Jersey towards the shore to help end the severe weather threat. 

The cold front that pushed storms across the region will have a meaningful impact on overnight temperatures and weekend conditions. Friday, the first day of April, will be noticeably cooler with highs struggling to reach 60 degrees. 

Sunshine will dominate the sky on Saturday with temperatures remaining near 60 degrees. Another round of rain appears likely on Sunday, but those showers aren't expected to pack nearly the same punch as Thursday's storms.


FRIDAY: Breezy, cooler. High: 57, Low: 53

SATURDAY: Sunny, pleasant. High: 59, Low: 36

SUNDAY: Mild, partly cloudy. High: 58, Low: 43



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