Teens struggle to figure out rotary phone

Technological advancements have created a great divide between Generation Z and just about everyone else.

A dad in Illinois illustrated this in a video of two teenagers trying to dial a number on a rotary phone.

Kevin Burnstead gave them four minutes to complete the task. Spoiler alert: They failed.

From behind the camera, Burnstead gives Jake and Kyle Burnstead the instructions.

The boys lift a box, revealing the cream-colored rotary telephone. They stare at it with wonderment.

"You have four minutes to dial that phone number," Burnstead says, placing a yellow notepad in front of the phone.

"That's it?" one of the teens replies.

"That's it. With that phone," Burnstead said.

The pair begins to analyze the device, discussing how it might work.

For four grueling minutes, the pair slowly figures out how to turn the dial for each number and begins checking off each number. The only problem is, they haven't picked up the receiver.

Once they finally realize that's the missing link, their time is up.

Their problem-solving skills were impressive. Trying to learn a new piece of technology can be just as difficult as those older devices if you've never had to use it.