The Search For a Good Samaritan Who Saved This Woman's Life

The driver of this mangled SUV is on a mission tonight- to find the couple who may have saved her life.

Their willingness to stop and help, after a terrible late night accident, is appreciated more than they know- and she wants to let them know, what it meant to her.

If you find yourself driving southbound on the Blue Route, just north of the McDade boulevard exit, you may notice a pair of tire tracks leading up an embankment and into a grove of trees.

The story behind those tire marks may-- strangely-- put a smile on your face.

The tire tracks, broken tree limbs and shattered car parts don't do justice to the severity of the accident.

You have to see what's left of the 2000 Chevy Blazer that 22 year old Chelsie Baker was driving late Saturday night...

"When I first saw the picture, I bawled my eyes out..."

"I bruised both my lungs. I had a very bad concussion."

"It's insane. [I'm] ucky to be alive. I never should have walked away from that car accident."

Chelsie says another driver cut her off.

She lost control, left the roadway and rammed into the trees, demolishing her vehicle.

She smashed her head on the dashboard and blacked out.

"I woke up to the sound of his voice. I couldn't see anything-- couldn't see the car."

A young couple-- man and a woman- driving behind Chelsie, had seen the accident and stopped to help.

Chelsie remembers the man's actions clearly:

"All I remember is just him holding my hand and him talking to me and he was holding the car, too, because the car was on an incline. So he didn't want me to move because the car could shift or move or fall."

"What did it mean to you for him to be there and stay with you?"

"Everything. Everything. I don't know if anyone else was on the highway. If he hadn't stopped, I could have laid there for hours."

The couple called 911 and within minutes, the Woodlyn Fire Company was on scene to rescue Chelsie from her mangled SUV.

'We had to remove a tree, which is rare for a fire company to do, stabilize the vehicle, which was tough because it was on a slope- a steep grade, and then secure her-- spinal precautions-- to get her out."

"I had guardian angels with me that night..."

Chelsie spent most of Sunday in the hospital but is now out, and hoping to meet the couple who stopped to help her.

"I'll probably burst into tears the moment I see the guy because I owe him so much for stopping."

They may not know it, but the couple's life-saving actions gave a little boy they never met, an early Christmas present that night...

"I have a 4 year old son. He could be without a mother right now. Christmas miracle, yes!"